Aborted Foetal Cell Lines

So what are the ethical concerns regarding aborted foetal cells?

According to Dr Meredith Wadman and Dr Francis Collins, the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines do not use aborted foetal cells for their production. In fact, they are not made in cells, but using specific chemicals; however, vaccine testing does happen in fetal cell lines.

And sadly, among the main candidates, 2 other vaccines – namely Janssen and AstraZeneca – were produced using 2 foetal cell lines. Note that a cell line is never developed from a single abortion, but several; and these planned abortions involve live harvesting of specific organs – this means torture of foetuses.

from Charlotte Lozier Institute

Some are of the opinion that because the abortions happened in the past and that no new abortions took place for the development of the vaccine, there is no real issue. Everyone should act according to conscience. However, we need to be aware that new foetal cell lines are still under development and accepting a vaccine made with these cells could be a way of encouraging such practices. Why would the industry change their barbaric processes if we do not object by boycotting their vaccines?


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