Gene-based injections

None of the COVID shots are traditional vaccines where a full virus (antigen) is introduced to produce an immune reaction. They are gene-based injections, according to Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, that instruct the body itself to produce the antigen. There is no “off” button, so how long this will take place in the body is anyone’s guess…

mRNA vaccines have never before been used on humans; and animal trials have proven unsuccessful. Certain scientists, such as Dr David Martin or the geneticist Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, do not call them “vaccines”, but “gene therapies”, “genetical engineering” or “medical devices”. This is because, according to them, their mechanism of action is completely different; it involves injecting sequences of genetic material (rather than traditionally a complete virus) and could potentially have unknown effects on human DNA (including gene modification and heredity).

mRNA naturally exists in the body. However, natural mRNA is broken down after its use by a group of enzymes, known as an RNA-ase, soon after it has accomplished its mission of protein synthesis. But according to Dr. Judy Mikovits, the synthetic mRNA in the mRNA vaccines is protected by blocking the action of the RNA-ase. This means that once injected into the system, it could stay there for years; its longevity is unknown. So the mRNA could instruct the recipient’s cells to continually produce the virus proteins – potentially for ever… Who knows the long-term consequences of this?

GMO adenovirus-based vaccines like the AstraZeneca are also relatively new (at least to humans). Similarly, this vaccine could modify the human genome as the adenovirus modified DNA enters the cell. What this may mean for human health and reproduction is unknown, and negative impacts cannot ever be corrected. This could well be permanent.

Vaccine manufacturers insist that recipients’ DNA cannot be altered, but as Dr Carrie Madej pointed out, the process used is the same as with genetically modified food, so why would we not get the same result in humans? There is already evidence that ingested GMO foods can affect human DNA. How much more when an genetically modified organism is directly injected?

Our DNA is the humanity ‘instruction code’ that God gave us, it is what makes us human at the cellular level. Should we not be concerned – even if there is only a remote risk for our DNA to be altered? The genetic material in these vaccines is instructing cells to manufacture something (a protein) God never intended human cells to manufacture. Do we know better than Him?…

As if that is not enough, the AstraZeneca vaccine also contains fragments of the HIV virus, DNA sequences from malaria and 157 additional DNA and protein sequences (patent US 8,243,718 B2), whose presence and role are unexplained.


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