Graphene Oxide in Vaccine

Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and a Spanish team of researchers and professors have made a breaking discovery. Their research has led them to confirm the presence of graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles in vaccination vials.

Graphene oxide has also been found on the swabs and on face masks. This is a toxic bioweapon, and apparently the real cause of COVID-19. Toxic effects are strangely extremely similar to those of the disease.

“First of all, we are not saying that we are anti-vaccine. The problem is that this is not a vaccine, this is a dose of graphene to a person.”

Ricardo Delgado

Graphene oxide is a very dangerous toxicant. It acts as a free radical in the body and can generate blood clots, thrombosis, as well as a full cytokine storm.

There’s Graphene Oxide In The Vaccination Vials! It’s Confirmed!




La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles:

La Quinta Columna shares UV fluorescence test results that support the claim that the analyzed vaccination vials contain graphene oxide:

Official interim report of Pfizer’s vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna:

Unofficial translation of the Official Interim Report of the Vaccination vial Analysis:

Patent CN11222020919A (Chinese patent proving the presence of graphene in COVID vaccines):

Synthesis and Toxicity of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles: A Literature Review of In Vitro and In Vivo Studies:

Graphene Oxide Promotes Cancer Metastasis through Associating with Plasma Membrane To Promote TGF-β Signaling-Dependent Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition:

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