Halt the Vaccine Immediately!

Several UK experts had a meeting with a member of parliament and presented evidence showing that the vaccine must be stopped.

Experts included Prof. Dolores Cahill (molecular biologist/immunologist), Dr. Tess Laurie (medical doctor and researcher), Anna de Buisseret (lawyer), Dr Simon White, Mark Sexton (retired police constable), John O’Looney (funeral undertaker)…

“Today we spoke with one of the most senior backbenchers, member of Parliament in the U.K.”

“Dialogue started, evidence presented, they are listening… It’s time to end the fear, there is a better way.”
– Dolores Cahill (London, Sept 21st 2021)

UK Experts || Halt The COVID Vaccine Immediately!

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, is another expert who has alerted the UK Government regarding the dangerous vaccines. You can watch his sobering message here.


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