Do we really know what is being injected into millions of people?

The mRNA and recombinant (GMO) vaccines contain nanoparticles as is admitted on the Moderna and Pfizer ingredient lists and described in the AstraZeneca patent (Microsoft Patent PCT/ U S201 9/ 038084).

Nanoparticles are extremely small particles, measuring 100 nm or less. Their small size allows them to easily penetrate into biological molecules in the body and cross cell membranes.

Some nanoparticles do not degrade or dissolve readily. That means they may remain in the body for an unknown amount of time, which is concerning as there is uncertainty as to what the effects of this would be. This is a relatively new technology and nanoparticles’ interactions with living organisms are not fully understood yet.

It has even been claimed that these nanoparticles could be a means to connect people to Artificial Intelligence (AI) via the 5G networks. They could be used for tracking and surveillance, as well as to implement a new cryptocurrency (virtual money) system using body activity data (see Dr Carrie Madej’s video 1, Dr Carrie Madej’s video 2 or Nanoscientist Dr Matthew Whiteside’s video until about 13 minutes). Anyway, it is reasonable to say that more research and hindsight would be desirable before venturing into including nanotechnology into vaccines.


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