Necessity of a Vaccine

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States, COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 0.005 for those aged 50 to 69 and 0.054 for those aged over 70. The rates for those aged under 50 are much lower and deaths are virtually non-existant in children. So even if you are over 70 and you contract COVID-19, you have a 94.6% chance of survival. If you are in the 50-69 age bracket, your chance of survival is 99.5 %.

Rachael Parsons, Faith, Trust or Science? – The COVID Vaccine

According to a WHO study by Prof. John P. A. Ioannidis, the median COVID-19 infection fatality rate (people who die when they are infected) is estimated at 0.27%, meaning 99.73% will recover.

PCR tests have been shown to be inappropriate to diagnose COVID, so any extravagant number of ‘cases’ generated by these positive tests is meaningless. RT-PCR was actually never meant to be a diagnosis tool according to its inventor, Kary Mullis. It is a tool used to make copies of strands of DNA for genetic research, so essentially this is not even a test.

The pandemic has been rightly called “a pandemic of PCR testing” as well as “a pandemic of insanity”.

Besides, what is the use of a vaccine when good treatments are available? And several medical treatments are known and available, despite shameful attempts by authorities to undermine their use.

Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has never been isolated from patients, so its very existence is still unproven. Vaccinating against something we do not even know exists completely defies reason.

And, if nothing else, our common sense must kick in when health authorities tell us that after receiving the COVID vaccine:
– we should still wear a face mask
– we should still social distance
– we can still transmit the virus
– we can still get infected with COVID

If the vaccine does not stop infection or transmission, logic would ask: “What is the vaccine for then?”

Finally, are vaccines really the only option? What about our natural immunity? God provided us with a wonderful immune system. Shouldn’t we be grateful for it instead of looking out for another solution? Shouldn’t we learn how to care for it and enhance it?


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