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Summary of COVID-19 Vaccine Evidence

Looking for evidence? Dr Phillip Altman, PhD Pharmacist, has written a comprehensive report on COVID-19 Vaccine Evidence.

This report discusses the nature of these injections and how they work. He then goes on to discuss the increasing evidence of harm of these injections, as well as their dreadfully poor effectiveness in preventing getting COVID and passing it on. The evidence points to extremely trivial potential benefit in decreasing severe disease for a short period only. In fact, with Omicron, the vaccines have a negative effect, meaning you are more likely to get Omicron.

If you have family or friends who say there is no evidence for the harms of these injections, if your doctor is dismissing your concerns, or trying to convince you to have the jab, this is irrefutable evidence you can take to them. You could send this letter to the Ministry of Health.



Source: “A Brilliant Summary of Covid-19 Vaccine Evidence” :

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