Recovering from the Vaccine

Many people around the world have had serious adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines, and some remain affected months later, possibly permanently. If you have been vaccinated, you have been ‘graphenated’.

The COVID vaccine is mostly made up of graphene oxide nanoparticles, as was discovered by a Spanish team of researchers who analysed the contents of vaccine vials (more info here and here). It is therefore a chemical bioweapon.

Although this video is aimed firstly at vaccinated people, the unvaccinated will also benefit from the advice given here by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, as most of us are exposed to graphene which is more and more present in our environment.

Graphene oxide generates oxidative stress in the body, with symptoms strangely similar to those of COVID-19 (headache, cough, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath… all the way to the cytokine storm which has been observed in very ill individuals).

The symptoms will vary for each person, but a right response to oxidative stress is always to increase the body’s reserves of antioxidants (especially glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant). So, it is now clear that to counteract the detrimental effects of the vaccine, glutathione as well as general antioxidant levels have to be increased in the system.

The video explains how this can be done safely.

How to Detox from Graphene Oxide and Recover from the Vaccine

detox from graphene



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